19. Overall Conclusion

The Tithe?

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Overall Conclusion
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Old Testament

  • Although Abram gave a tithe (10%) to Melchizedek, it was from the spoils of war - not his personal possessions. It was a one-time event; therefore, having no bearing on the practice of tithing before or after the Law of Moses.
  • Jacob promised a tenth to God if he would bring him back to his land again. There is no mention whether he fulfilled his vow. Even if he did, who would he tithe to, and who would benefit from the tithe?
  • The tithe was not required by the wandering Jews in the wilderness – the tithe belonged to the land of Canaan and consisted of what belonged to the land.
  • Only the herdsmen and agrarian Jews who occupied, farmed, and harvested within the land of Canaan were required to tithe.  None other were required to tithe.
  • Monies were never a tithe – only the produce that came from the land of Canaan – grain, animals and fruit.
  • There were three yearly tithes under the Law of Moses, equaling 23 1/3% - not 10%.
  • The first and third tithe was given to the Levitical priesthood for theirs and the poor people’s support. They never tithed.
  • The second yearly tithe was for the celebration feast for ALL Jews to enjoy.
  • The tithe was never given to build or support the tabernacle or the temple – instead, voluntary offering were given for that purpose.
  • Taxes from all Jews to the temple or the Empire were given in gold, silver, or monetary coin exchange.

New Testament

  • There is no place in the New Testament that required a Christians to tithe. Since the tithe is connected to the land of Canaan, Jews today consider those who tithe breakers of the Law of Moses.
  • Christians are required to give generously from their heart. Mandatory tithing or giving is unbiblical.
  • Jesus commanded His followers to live by the Royal Law of Love. A Christian’s life, therefore, should be a life of giving out of a heart of love for God and others.
  • The community of believers – the local church - is a larger vessel and vehicle to minister and give out the Royal Law of Love.    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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