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The Jewish Roots of Christianity

Course Description:

The Scriptures claim Jesus was born as a Jew, raised as a Jews, trained as a Jew, and ministered as a Jew. In the Gospels, Jesus was often referred to as rabbi, meaning teacher of the Jews. The Gospels, therefore, are Jewish books to be understood from a Jewish perspective. For a Christian then to understand the Gospels, one needs to understand the Jewish roots of Christianity.

This three-credit, three-lesson course is designed for the lay Christian, taking difficult research material and turning it into easy and enjoyable reading. By studying this course, it will quickly help you, the student, to understand your Jewish roots as a Christian. Study it well and often. It will become a great reference material as you read the Gospels in a more deeper and vital way.


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Lesson 1. Understanding the Jewish Mind
This lesson will examine the Jewish writings from a Jewish Eastern prospective down through the centuries. Religion during the time of Christ will also be examined. Difficult material has been honed down to be an enjoyable easy learning time of reading.

Lesson 2. Jesus as Rabbi
This lesson will examine the education of a Jewish boy of the 1st century A.D., understanding that Jesus, in all probability, was educated in this same manner. We will also examine how this education affected His three-year earthly ministry.

Lesson 3. Take My Yoke

This lesson will look at Jesus' style of teaching and see how He differed from other Jewish rabbis of that day. As we examine His style, we will observe how He discipled His apostles. As a personal application, we will finally examine what it means to take on the "yoke of Jesus."

Written by Pastor Joyce A. Erickson

Believers Bible School, Founder https://believersbibleschool.com/